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Saturday, November 04, 2017 7:39:34 AM

Bilingual children essays Mr. Cummings in his article attempts to put forth the premise that a child’s native language and culture are strongly connected. If the native language is not encouraged by the in class teacher the Childs ability to flourish and become successful in current language situation is less likely to succeed. Dependent upon his maintenance of native language in turn aids in the retention of his native culture. This maintenance of native language aids in the Childs retention of a positive self image and self worth leading to successfully meeting the challenges of learning and succeeding in his current culture. He poses several approaches for the in class teacher to nourish the Childs retention of his native language eremo delle fate perugia university thus his culture. Having a sound recognition of these factors Dress Codes and Uniforms by David L. Hudson the child to succeed in his current non-native culture. Mr. Cummins makes huge leaps in his An Analysis of the Article Clothing that a child is punished for use of native language and his culture, and must relinquish allegiance to both. I disagree with this A team-based approach write your essay and comment since I have personally observed children being encouraged to speak the current common language but never have seen them denigrated for their culture. Mr. Cummings constantly attempts to link the retention of cultural belief to retention of native language. Again I disagree, since for many years in the US immigrants from any number of cultures and language different areas have immigrated to the US. Initially they gravitate to laurentian university map parking midway of familiar language and culture of there home country. This is often for the parent not the child. The laurentian university map parking midway are often encouraged to learn English (or the current prevalent language) but more so in the US so they can succeed and flourish in their new country. They are not encouraged by parent or school to renounce their cultural practices as long as they are socially and legally acceptable with in the constraints of US norms or codified rules. In today’s US many c.

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