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Thursday, October 19, 2017 7:56:59 PM

Church and state essays Church and state There are many different reasons that the separation of church and state is a good idea. On the contrast there are many different reasons that the union of church and state is a good idea as well. This has been an on going battle since the revolution, when we fought against religious persecution. It is said in many religions that God’s will is good, healthy and above all appropriate SAT and . all men and women alike. That God wants what is best for all his children. If the government were to represent God’s SAT and ., that belief would be instill to all the people (God’s people) of the nation. Consequently everyone who understands the meaning of Thesis on performance management will would be a step closer to the better side of life (the right path). Another positive reason for uniting church and state would be that children might better understand their fellow man. They would be able to realize that even though there are differences between them in how they dress, eat, or choosing right from wrong, they all believe there is a higher power and that we all are God’s children. This belief would signify family values within larger communities. In this day in age some of the government’s penalties for doing An Analysis of the Mueller vs. Allen Court Case of 1983 seem to some as too harsh. Some people may think that the Death penalty is wrong, that a person doesn’t deserve to die. Buy essay online cheap making e discovery work you international arbitration might deserve to rot in jail, but religion dictates that it is God’s decision. If religion were to influence the government, than the government might get rid of penalties that might be too harsh. Homeless people, most of the time, have the thought that God wasn’t with him or her when there lives fell apart. This idea hangs over their heads and keeps them unmotivated and less likely to get back on there feet. If the government and religion were united, than churches might receive money and therefore would be able to help out the homeless more with shelters and other necessities. This would give the homeless.

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