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Mir essays Mir is the Russian word for village, world, and peace. In fact that is what the Russians are trying to establish, a village in space. Mir p essays and dissertations by chris mounsey endocrinologist the Russian space program's efforts to maintain people for a long duration of time in space. Mir has completed over 81,350 trips around the Earth. It has been up in space for fourteen years. Cosmonauts and astronauts from many nations have lived on the station and performed experiments of historical significance. The first element of the Mir station, The Mir Core was launched on February 20, 1986. Mir was the soviets 3rd p essays and dissertations by chris mounsey endocrinologist space sation. Although an old station, new parts are constantly added and fixed. Mir is basically Russia’s tinker toy in space. The station currently consists of seven modules: Mir Core (1986) - The Mir core module was the first part of Mir; it was launched in February 1986. Originally a space station itself, it is now the core, (hence the name Mir core), of the much larger Mir complex. The module contains living quarters, a control center, and power and life support TEENAGERS AND SEX EDUCATION. The living quarters include a galley, small individual crew quarters, and bathroom/shower facilities. Kvant (1987) - This module contains equipment for observations of galaxies, neutron stars, quasars, and other astrophysical phenomena at x-ray and other wavelengths of light. The module also has life support equipment for the station. Part of the module is a pressurized area for working how to find friends on tumblr app living, while the rest is not pressurized space for equipment. This was the first addition to the Mir. Kvant-2 (1989) - Kvant-2 includes scientific equipment, life support equipment, and an EVA airlock. The Kvant-2 p essays and dissertations by chris mounsey endocrinologist basically used for biological research and Earth observation experiments. Kristall (1990) - This module contains experiment space inside for biological and materials for scientific experiments. It also hosts solar panels used to generate power for Mir. Spektr (1995) - The Spekt.

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