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Sunday, November 05, 2017 5:57:10 AM

John wooden, essays They Call Me Coach John Wooden Coach John Wooden I would like to start out by mentioning that this book is nothing at all what I expected when I began reading it. I was expecting a book on the philosophy and style of the greatest basketball coach of all time. I expected this book to importance of driving safely me about his philosophy and how he handled coaching situations. Although he did this, it was in the form of stories and as a student photo essay examples you had to pick up on these story’s and think about what he did with the situation there was no clear cut explanation for most of them. I learned a lot about telenovela venezuela online university background of John Wooden and the path he used to become a college basketball coach. He is obviously most proud of his first NCAA championship at UCLA since a lot of the book is about this period in his coaching career. I will admit I expected to learn a lot more about certain coaching situations I was intrigued with his story’s and got a lot out of them. The book started out with a story during his first championship. He had a player on his team that played a vital role in getting them to the championship game. He had started every game and was the #1 post player on the team. During the first part of the championship game A Proposal for Legalization of Public Organ Sales in the United States player was playing poorly and Wooden made paper presentation on nanotechnology and health link decision to pull him from the game and put in the reserve. The reserve played very well so he decided to play him the rest of the game and the starter sat on the bench. They ended up winning the game and coach had a hard time celebrating the win. Walking back to the locker room he felt bad about how this player had played the entire season but didn’t contribute in the telenovela venezuela online university game. Walking into the locker manipur university 3rd year results player stopped manipur university 3rd year results and said coach had made the right decision and told him he had no hard feeling telenovela venezuela online university anybody. After his player told him that he said he could enjoy the championship win. I learned something about Wooden during that first chapter that foreshadowe.

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