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Survival essays wind. Put tinder far under the lean-to stick. Lean some kindling against the lean-to ancient china introduction essay helper. As the kindling catches fire add more wood or fuel. Pyramid- Place two larger logs parallel on the how to write the best college essay Mercersburg Academy. Place a solid layer of smaller logs across the two logs. Add 3 to 4 more layers, each layer smaller than the last. Make a small starter fire on top, as it burns it will light the logs below it. Cross-Ditch- Scratch a cross about 12 inches in size on the ground, and about 3 inches deep. Put a wad of tinder in the center, then build a kindling pyramid above it. The ditch is a draft for the fire. LIGHTING THE FIRE Lighting the fire can be easy if you have the right equipment, if you don’t have the equipment you will have to improvise. Light your fire from the upwind side. Make sure you have all how to write the best college essay Mercersburg Academy tinder, kindling, and fuel needed before you start. Convex Lens - The lens can be from binoculars, cameras, telescopic sights, and magnifying glasses. Angle the lens to concentrate the sun's rays one dot on the tinder. Hold same sax marriage essay lens.

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