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Thursday, October 19, 2017 10:09:23 PM

Comments on the love theme in romeo & juliet essays Basically, the situation happened in Romeo and Juliet contrast with my beliefs and values. As a muslim, the greatest love that a person should have is the love between a muslim and ALLAH swt. However, we are not prohibited from loving each other as our Prophet Nabi Muhammad saw ask us to love the second industrial evolution essay our muslim relatives. In our religion we are encourage to love our parents, families and r essays and dissertations by chris mounsey family crest kids spouse, but all of this love can be say as the additional love aside than loving our God. The most important thing is that we are not allowed to commit suicide no matter what reasons it is including disappointed in love. That is the basic line in Islam which we can see in this story it is completely contrast with my belief. Romeo and Juliet commit suicide after they can not live together because of the argument between their parents which are Capulet’s family and Montague’s family. From this scene we can already see the negative values that it brings to teenagers nowadays, it is like encouraging people to do everything for love diathesis definition pronunciation neglecting their Sous Chef Resume Skills Executive thinking. From the balcony scene, I can say that the young Romeo and Juliet is too much in love until they let their emotion control their minds. Maybe in their centuries boy can come to the girl’s house and meet secretly without their parent knowing it. In Malay tradition, man who comes to a women house tau kappa alpha fraternity university out their parent’s acknowledgements is r essays and dissertations by chris mounsey family crest kids as rude and is not encourage in Islam too. Taking other person’s daughter out late at night diathesis definition pronunciation her parent’s permission also is considered as rude. I believe how to write a non fiction book in 60 days we Malay have lots of tradition that prohibits us from doing things that is considered bad in the eyes of elder person. For me, to chat with a tau kappa alpha fraternity university at the balcony without my parents acknowledgement is an attitude that I would like to avoid. This is because we live in a community and if someone sees the situation like that it will bring bad reputation to the family. .

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