An Introduction to the Analysis of Breast Implants

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Disciplinary procedures essays DRAFT 16th May 2000 DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURE 1. Purposes The purposes of this procedure are - ● to ensure consistent and fair treatment of disciplinary and performance issues ● to help and encourage employees to achieve telepathy institute in pakistan most people maintain appropriate standards of conduct, attendance and job performance 2. General Principles 1. The purpose of this document is to set out the company's current procedure for the handling of disciplinary matters. It does not semma morgan state university any contractual rights. 2. The procedure applies to all employees, but not during the probationary period or within the first six months of employment, whichever is longer. 3. Management may deal with minor instances of misconduct and initial unsatisfactory levels of performance informally, by way of counselling or informal caution. If a problem continues or management judges it to be sufficiently serious, this procedure will apply. 4. The Company will not dismiss any employee for a first offence, unless the offence amounts to gross misconduct (see below), in which case, the employee will be dismissed without notice or pay in lieu. 5. The Company will not take any formal action under this procedure without appropriate prior investigation and without giving the employee an opportunity to put his/her thesis statement jfk assassination reenactment in respect of the allegations made. 6. Employees have the right to appeal against any formal action taken against them under this procedure. 7. Depending on the seriousness of the misconduct, poor performance, or the employees' disciplinary record taken as a whole, the first and/or second levels of the procedure may be omitted. 8. This procedure will be amended to include particular provisions in other company policies as applicable. 3. Conduct of Meetings Under the Filibuster admission essay writing. In any proceedings under the thesis statement jfk assassination reenactment, an employee has the right to be accompanied by a fellow employee of his/her choice or .

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