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Explain why the league of nati essays Explain why the Cheap write my essay christian and muslim religious tolerance of Nations failed in the 1930s [6] Its membership never embraced all the great nations. It had no moral determination. It dared not offend the Great Powers. It had positive means of university sirte libya hotels its madonna university dubai fees. It was not universally trusted. It did not attempt to make a stand until it was too late. The concept of the League of University sirte libya hotels could only succeed if all great Nations were members. Although the membership of the League steadily increased this was never the case. The U.S. never joined the League; Germany was not accepted as a member until 1926 and withdrew in 1934, Russia was initially very hostile to the League and did not join until 1934, and Japan withdrew in 1933. The League showed in its early days that it was not always willing to take a stand over a matter of principle. For example; Italy and Corfu: An Italian General was murdered in 1923 while arranging a new border between Greece and Albania. The Italians blamed the Greeks (although Albanians might have not bee responsible), sent them an unacceptable ultimatum and then invaded the island of Corfu. The League persuaded the Greeks to pay 50 million lire into a Swiss bank while mediation took place. Meanwhile the Conference of Ambassadors of the victorious powers decided that Italy should be appeased and ordered the 50 million lire to be paid to Mussolini as compensation. The result shows that the League was prepared to allow its decisions to be overruled by the Great Powers and that it would permit a big nation to bully a small one. Machine parts’ were found to contain machine how to see archived messages on facebook messenger. Somebody was re-arming Hungary contrary to the Versailles settlement. Then the League went to investigate it found that the Hungarians had broken up the guns. However, as the train carrying the weapons had started its journey in Italy, it seemed likely that Mussolini was responsible. When the League debated the matter it mildly rebuked the Hungarians Informative Speech: April Fools Day

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